Purple Passion: Chris Weaver’s Journey to Better Soil Health – and Yields

Chris Weaver, 6th Gen GrowerChris Weaver, a sixth-generation farmer from Finksburg, Maryland, is widely recognized as a respected and award-winning grower. Weaver has been at the forefront of pushing agricultural boundaries and implementing innovative practices to maximize yields and enhance soil health. In this interview, Weaver shares his long-standing relationship with Concept AgriTek and highlights the transformative impact of Foliar K, fondly referred to as “Purple Passion.”

Weaver’s operation primarily focuses on growing corn, soybeans, and rye for a distillery company, in addition to owning a feedlot. In 2012, Weaver embarked on a mission to increase yield and improve soil quality. Although the idea initially met with resistance from his father and others, Weaver’s dedication to progressive farming practices prevailed.

He had seen the success of bio nutritionals and bio fungicides in Europe. Recognizing the need for change, he embraced biologicals as a valuable addition to his farming practices. He began experimenting with soil amendments like Carbon Rx and saw significant improvements in crop health and productivity.

Believing that relationships would be a key part to succeeding in his mission to nurture soil health, Weaver began his search for the ideal trusted partner. After a disappointing experience, he added reliability and consistency to his checklist. Enter Kyle Shepherd, a seasoned Concept AgriTek representative who recognized the potential in Weaver’s ideas. Shepherd’s consistent presence and genuine desire to help impressed Weaver, and a fruitful collaboration was born.

Kyle introduced Weaver to a range of innovative technologies and products. One standout among them is Foliar K, which Weaver affectionately deemed “Purple Passion” after documenting success after success. He incorporated Purple Passion into every spray, using rates from 1 to 3 gallons per load, based on soil and tissue sample analyses. This simple addition proved instrumental in increasing yields and achieving targeted growth milestones. Gradually, Weaver began adding other Concept AgriTek products, such as Carbon Rx and Sweet Success, which are now integral components of his routine.

Products are just the beginning of the partnership. Weaver emphasizes the exceptional service and support he receives from Concept AgriTek. “They are readily available to address any concerns or questions I have,” he says. This level of personalized attention and expertise has solidified his loyalty, creating a lasting partnership.

Weaver believes education is key to navigating the ever-expanding biologicals market, and says farmers must educate themselves on the nuances of different products, such as understanding the concentration levels indicated by the “x” factor. That’s why he appreciates Concept AgriTek’s individualized approach, tailoring solutions to specific crops and farmers. “The Concept AgriTek team focuses on providing comprehensive plans and support, which sets them apart from companies that offer generic solutions,” says Weaver.

Weaver’s journey exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in modern agriculture. His commitment to progressive farming practices, bolstered by Concept AgriTek’s revolutionary products, has resulted in increased yields, improved soil health, and precise nutrient management. His passion for innovation extends to Purple and beyond, an inspiration for farmers looking to enhance their practices and achieve sustainable growth.

To learn more about what Concept AgriTek has to offer and how to find a customized solution for your acres,  schedule a consultation.

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