Sweet Success

Energize your plants and biology.
Sweet Success is an excellent, clean energy source that aids in keeping plants healthy and vibrant. Improves metabolization of herbicides and produces a boost in energy for the plant. A blend of natural sugars to boost a plant’s energy and brix levels. Higher brix equates to healthier plants and sweeter fruit.
  • A highly refined complex sugar source derived from black strap molasses. 
  • Formulated to feed soil microbes, improve the native bacterial activity, create energy for the plant, and make trace elements more accessible to the plants.
  • Increases brix levels in plants which can result in natural protection against leaf-feeding insects
  • Delivers a diverse sugar formulation to feed many types of microbes rather than a select few

Application Rate:

Planter: 10 – 128 fl oz. per acre
Foliar: 10 – 128 fl oz. per acre

Sweet Success in Action

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ROI Advantage

$85.33 PER ACRE

2021 Soybean price calculated at $12.75/bu.

Each trial had the same fungicide and insecticide applied.

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