Innovation is the common denominator in profitable farming.

Since 2010, our team has continued to research and invest in the technologies farmers need to improve crop protection through plant and soil health. With more than 70 products in our portfolio of solutions and a custom consultation and plan for every farmer we work with, we’re proud to help farmers make the in-field decisions year-after-year that positively influence their bottom line.

More than a product…

From seed treatment to helping plants fight back against late-season stressors, the Concept AgriTek agronomy team provides crop and soil health plans based on the targets you have for your fields. We’ll find the balance that best fits your production, conservation, and yield goals.

Working with our team means just that, we aren’t just a point of sale. From the research that backs every product to manufacturing, delivery and season-long support, we don’t sell products, we sell solutions.

Below you’ll find our most highly demanded soil, water, and plant health line-up, have a look and then click schedule a consultation in the top right corner of this screen to turn a plan into achieved potential.

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