Proven biological for rice​.
BioRice has a consortium of microbes that are not only able to withstand, but actually flourish, in flooded, non-oxygenated conditions. This allows the nutrients that become bound under a flood to release.
  • The PeneTek soil penetrant carries the microbes into the soil profile so they are not affected by ultraviolet light
  • Can be broadcast with burndown or early herbicide application
  • Helps next year’s crop by having healthier soil after the flood

Application Rate:

Broadcast: 32 fl. oz. per acre

Biorice in Action

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Soil Test Controls Treated Before Flood Untreated Before Flood Treated After Harvest Untreated After Harvest
Orthophosphate 17.2 ppm 17.8 ppm 30.5 ppm 13 ppm
Phosphorus 17 ppm 16 ppm 35 ppm 15 ppm
Potassium 41 ppm 49 ppm 22 ppm 17 ppm
Calcium 418 ppm 285 ppm 481 ppm 247 ppm

Yield increase of

9.5 bu/acre

Three on-farm replications averaged a 9.5 bushel per acre advantage using Biorice with BioTek, PeneTek, and RootTek technologies.

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