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Reduce residue, release nutrition, remove pests.
Residue RX® is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic matter. Along with breaking down crop residue, it also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.
  • Breaks down field stubble for higher organic matter for the next growing season
  • Makes nitrogen and phosphorus more available to the plants
  • Breaks down the residue in which diseases over winter
  • Releases nutrients that are bound within crop residue
  • Blend of microbes and food source for faster breakdown


Broadcast Application: 16 fl oz per acre


Bring new life to unproductive soil
Soil Revive helps bring abused soils back to life. A natural biological substance that stimulates microbial activity. This allows for increased nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, and decreased hardpan.
  • Excellent for fields that have been graded or terraced
  • Jumpstarts “new” ground where fertility levels are poor or unknown


Broadcast Application: 16-32 fl. oz. per acre


Time to mitigate salt issues!
Salt-X is a salt mitigation solution revolutionizing the battle against salt intrusion designed to mitigate salt concentrations in a variety of agricultural environments.
  • Temporarily alters the properties of salt to allow it to percolate through the soil profile and exit the root zone
  • Helps rebuild soils that have had tons of commercial fertilizer applied.
  • Reducing the salt pressure in the root zone along with increasing water and nutrient uptake for your crops


Broadcast Application: 1-4 gal. per acre


Your prescription for high quality carbon
Carbon RX is Concept AgriTek’s new carbon-based soil, plant, and microbe booster. Carbon RX is made with highly refined humic acid, organic carbon, and amino acid made from US corn. It is designed to help improve nutrient absorption, soil, and plant health, and feed beneficial microbes. The amino acid helps in the production of chlorophyll, which leads to quality photosynthesis. Carbon RX also contains additional elements of sulfur, magnesium, and calcium.


Planter Application: 2×2 or similar – 32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop Application: 32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Foliar: 32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Broadcast: 32 – 128 fl. oz per acre


The sulfur source with Nitro-Tek technology

The new Concept-S17 now has Concept AgriTek’s proprietary carbon-based nitrogen stabilizer, NitroTek®, added. Concept-S17 is specifically engineered to give the plants an excellent supply of sulfur, while increasing the efficiency of nitrogen uptake. Use with UAN, sidedress, or broadcast.

  • No other nitrogen stabilizers needed
  • Develops enzymes and vitamins
  • Good source of high-quality sulfur


Can be used in all liquid nitrogen applications: Rate per acre: 1-5 gallons


Innovative nitrogen stabilizer powered by Nitro-Tek technology
NItroGuard is Concept AgriTek’s new nitrogen stabilizer using Nitro-Tek Technology. Nitro-Tek technology stabilizes nitrogen and potassium by encapsulating the nitrogen and potassium in carbon which reduces volatilization, leaching, and tie-up in the soil. the carbon in NitroGuard also increases the uptake of nitrogen and potassium due to the plant’s demand for carbon.


64 oz. per ton of Urea
32 oz. per ton of 28% or 32% UAN


Available potassium with stress mitigation technology
Concept K-13 now gives you the ability to blend potassium with UAN, helping to balance the N to K ratio, which is important to the efficiency of both nutrients. Use in soil applications only.
  • Aids in strengthening plant stalks and stems
  • Increases drought tolerance through proper potassium levels in plants
  • Delivers potassium, which is vital to photosynthesis


Planter Application: 2×2 or similar – 1-10 gal. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop Application: 2-20 gal. per acre
Fertigation: 2-20 gal. per acre


Introduce soluble calcium when and where you need it
Total Cal is a soil applied calcium that can help make your nitrogen program more efficient.
  • Plays a key role in balancing the calcium to nitrogen ratio within your soil
  • Aids in balancing your nitrogen regimen
  • A soluble form of calcium that can be readily taken up by the plant


Planter Application: 2×2 or similar – 1-2 gal. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop Application: 1-4 gal. per acre
Fertigation: 1-4 gal. per acre


Biological waste management powered by Bio-Tek technology
Wastemaster is a consortium of beneficial microbes chosen for their ability to digest animal manure. Proper digestion of manure reduces ammonia and methane release, reduces solids in lagoons and pits, and increases the fertilizer value of manure. Wastemaster can be used in poultry litter, lagoons and pits.
  • Show to reduce ammonia by 60% in poultry litter
  • Reduces solids and the muck layer on the bottom of stage one lagoons
  • Studies show odors reduced by a factor of 50% or more in lagoons
  • Helps to reduce muck-outs and increase runs between total clean-outs


  • 2 oz. mixed with a minimum of 3 gal. of water per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Application is recommended 3 days prior to bird placement


  • Apply 40 oz. per surface acre for initial treatment
  • Apply 20 oz. per surface acre every 60 days for maintenance


  • 16 oz. per 100,000 gal. capacity for initial treatment
  • Use 8 oz. every 60 days for maintenance treatment

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