Residue RX®

Reduce residue, release nutrition, remove pests​.
Residue RX®, powered by BioTek, is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic matter. Along with breaking down crop residue, this digester also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.
  • Breaks down the residue so that diseases do not have a place to over winter season
  • Makes nitrogen and phosphorus more available to the plants
  • Breaks down the residue in which diseases over winter
  • Releases nutrients that are bound within crop residue
  • Blend of microbes and food source for faster breakdown

Application Rate:

Broadcast Application: 16 fl oz per acre

Residue RX® in Action

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$94 ROI

2020 North Carolina Soybean Test

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