Carbon RX™

Your prescription for high quality carbon​.
Carbon RX is Concept AgriTek’s new carbon-based soil, plant, and microbe booster. Carbon RX is made with highly refined humic acid, organic carbon, and amino acid made from US corn. It is designed to help improve nutrient absorption, soil, and plant health, and feed beneficial microbes. The amino acid helps in the production of chlorophyll, which leads to quality photosynthesis. Carbon RX also contains additional elements of sulfur, magnesium, and calcium.

Application Rate:

Planter: (2×2 or similar):
32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Sidedress or Y-Drop:
32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Foliar: 32 – 128 fl. oz. per acre
Broadcast: 32 – 128 fl. oz per acre

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