Our EPA-registered nematicide​.
Chitocide® is the only broadcast nematicide on the market! Chitocide effectively controls and suppresses plant-parasitic nematodes in the soil. Chitocide is dual mode of action, safe to the user and the environment, and is cost comparative at two applications.
  • Can be applied to row crops, fruit, vegetables, turf and ornamentals where nematodes are present
  • Can be applied in-furrow or broadcast
  • Field trials show excellent control of soybean cyst and root knot nematodes
  • In-field observations show as good or better nematode suppression than soil fumigants

Application Rate:

In-Furrow: 16 – 32 fl oz per acre
Broadcast: 16 – 32 fl. oz. per acre

Chitocide in Action

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Chitocide Field Trial

Root Knot Nematode in Soybean
Study conducted by Auburn University

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