Finally a foliar calcium that works.
Using Concept AgriTek’s TransMaxx technology, we have created CalBor, a foliar product that effectively delivers a blend of calcium and boron into the tissues of the plant with unrivaled efficiency.
  • Gets calcium and boron into the plant
  • Increases water uptake and retention
  • Aids in pollination and retention of fruiting bodies

Application Rate:

Foliar: 16 – 32 fl. oz. per acre

Calbor in Action

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Incremental Profit of

$97.20 PER ACRE

  • The price of Soybeans was calculated at $9.75
  • The cost of CalBor was calculated using a 16 fl oz application per acre
  • The cost of CalBor was calculated at $6.50 per acre

The Effect of CalBor on Soybeans

Southern AG Services | Mantee, MS

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