Foliar K®

Highest quality foliar potassium with StressTek technology​.
We’ve made a great product even better. Now, Foliar K® has StressTek® Technology added to help mitigate stress during the growing season.
  • Lower salt level for less crop injury
  • Increases drought tolerance by providing the plant with proper potassium levels
  • Helps protein synthesis by increasing the plants ability to convert nitrogen to protein

Application Rate:

Foliar: 0.5 – 2 gal. per acre
Note: For proper application rates suitable for your soil type, consult with a trained representative at Concept AgriTek.

Foliar K® in Action

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7 Bushel Yield Advantage

$18.12 PER ACRE

Missouri corn test:

  • The price of corn calculated at $5.50/bu
  • The cost of Foliar K calculated at $20.38/acre

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330 lb Yield Advantage

$61.72 PER ACRE

Mississippi cotton test:

  • The price of cotton calculated at $0.85/lb
  • The cost of Foliar K calculated at $13.58/acre

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