Maximizing Crop Health and Yield: Insights from Concept AgriTek 

Concept AgriTek District Sales Manager, Mike Buiter, and Agronomist, Jake Bushey, recently shared their expertise on optimizing crop health and yield during the critical post-plant #Grow24 phase. Their insights, combined with innovative products from Concept AgriTek, offer valuable guidance for farmers looking to enhance their crop performance. 

Key Nutrients for Soybeans and Corn 


Jake Bushey emphasized the importance of both below and above-ground growth for soybeans.  

“We want to maximize our above and below-ground growth,” he stated.  

For below-ground growth, boron is crucial.  

“We want to make sure that we have adequate boron levels in our soybean plant early on to help push it throughout the season,” Bushey explained.  

For above-ground growth, nutrients that drive photosynthesis, such as zinc, manganese, and potassium, are essential. 

One of the standout products for soybeans is Nutri Tek, a micronutrient blend that includes manganese, zinc, sulfur, nitrogen, and other key micronutrients.  

“Nutri Tek is a great product for this time,” Bushey noted.  

Nutri Tek utilizes Concept AgriTek’s proprietary TransMaxx® technology, which systematically moves nutrients through the plant, ensuring an early-season nutritional infusion that supports robust growth. 


For corn, maintaining adequate potassium levels throughout the season is vital.  

“Once we get to tassel, we’ve taken up well over a majority of our potassium,” Bushey said.  

He recommends applying potassium at the post-herbicide timing using products like Foliar K® with StressTek®. Foliar K® provides high-quality foliar potassium with lower salt levels to reduce crop injury and increase drought tolerance by ensuring proper potassium levels, which are crucial for protein synthesis and overall plant health. Additionally, manganese, zinc, and boron are important nutrients for corn at this stage, making Nutri Tek a valuable option.  

Stress Mitigation and Soil Health 

Bushey also highlighted the importance of stress mitigation. “If we can mitigate stress better, we can try to grow our yields,” he said.  

Products like Foliar RX, a blend of fulvic acid, micronutrients, enzymes, and other plant and biological stimulants, have shown excellent results in stress mitigation by boosting overall plant health. StressTek® technology, incorporated in several Concept AgriTek products, further enhances the plant’s health and immune system, reducing the stress crops are exposed to. 

Mike Buiter added that this time of year is ideal for taking initial soil and tissue samples.  

“We took a soil sample below (the soil’s surface), we’re pulling tissues, and we’re probably going to pull six to eight tissue samples,” Buiter explained.  

This process helps build a database to identify limiting factors and create a systematic farm plan. Concept AgriTek’s expertise in making precise, customized recommendations based on soil constitution is a cornerstone of their approach to improving crop health and yield. 

Agronomic Adjuvants 

One of the go-to products for this time of year is Sweet Fulvic, an agronomic adjuvant that combines blackstrap molasses and fulvic acid.  

“Sweet Fulvic is half blackstrap molasses and half fulvic acid,” Buiter explained.  

The molasses portion serves as an excellent energy source and sticker for herbicides and foliar nutrition, while the fulvic acid drives nutrients into plant tissues and herbicides into weeds. This combination makes Sweet Fulvic an essential addition to foliar passes for corn, soybeans, and wheat. 

Concept AgriTek’s Commitment 

Concept AgriTek is dedicated to providing custom solutions through agronomy, biology, and chemistry – our fertility concepts, new technologies and “no two farms are alike” approach are changing production agriculture for the farmers we work with.  

For more information on Concept AgriTek’s products and services, visit their website or contact a local dealer or District Sales Manager: “We love being able to help make tailored recommendations for farmers to see success,” Bushey says.  

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