Sweet Fulvic®

A 50/50 blend of Sweet Success and Fulvic Force​.
Sweet Fulvic® is the newest addition to our TransMaxx® family. Sweet Fulvic is a 50/50 blend of Fulvic Force® and Sweet Success® with the systemic power of our TransMaxx technology, making Sweet Fulvic a workhorse product for plant health and supplemental energy source. Sweet Fulvic is designed to boost a plant’s Brix levels to aid in health, as well as provide a variety of carbon sources for growth and development. This is both a penetrating surfactant and a drift control agent.
  • Safe for biology
  • Increases leaf penetration and acts as a sticker for increased adhesion to the leaf surface when mixed with herbicides and fungicides
  • Aids in drift reduction when mixed with herbicides and fungicides

Application Rate:

Broadcast: 20 – 64 oz. per acre

Sweet Fulvic® in Action

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