Boost Your Harvest with Foliar Products

As the growing season progresses, timely foliar applications are crucial for maximizing crop health and yield. However, the persistent rain has put many foliar programs behind schedule this year. Fortunately, Concept AgriTek offers a range of high-quality foliar products that can make a significant difference on your acres this harvest. Here’s why you should consider incorporating foliar applications into your crop management strategy, even if you’re running behind.

Why Choose Foliar Products?

Foliar products are essential for delivering nutrients directly to the plant leaves, where they are rapidly absorbed and utilized. This method bypasses the soil, providing an immediate nutrient boost that can be crucial during critical growth stages. Concept AgriTek’s foliar products are designed to enhance plant health, improve stress tolerance, and ultimately increase yield.

Key Foliar Products

  1. Trans Zn
    Zinc is a vital micronutrient for plant growth, playing a crucial role in various biochemical processes. Concept AgriTek’s foliar zinc products ensure that your crops receive the necessary zinc to support robust growth and development. Zinc deficiency can lead to stunted growth and reduced yields, making foliar zinc applications an essential part of any comprehensive foliar program.
  2. Foliar 20/20
    The Foliar 20/20 product from Concept AgriTek offers a balanced blend of nutrients tailored to meet the needs of your crops. This formulation provides a powerful boost of essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth and improving crop performance. Whether you’re dealing with nutrient deficiencies or simply aiming to maximize your yield potential, Foliar 20 20 is an excellent addition to your foliar program.

Overcoming Weather Challenges

The excessive rainfall this season has undoubtedly caused delays in foliar applications. However, it’s not too late to take action. Concept AgriTek still has inventory available, and applying foliar products now can help mitigate the negative effects of delayed applications. By incorporating foliar zinc like Trans Zn and Foliar 20/20 into your management strategy, you can give your crops the nutrient boost they need to thrive, even under challenging conditions.

Act Now for a Better Harvest

Don’t let the rain set you back this harvest season. With Concept AgriTek’s foliar products, you still have the opportunity to make a significant impact on your crop’s performance. Contact us today to learn more about our Trans Zn, Foliar 20 20, and other high-quality foliar products. Together, we can ensure that your crops receive the nutrients they need for a successful harvest.

By staying proactive and incorporating foliar applications into your crop management strategy, you can overcome weather-related delays and optimize your yield potential. Trust Concept AgriTek’s expertise and high-quality foliar products to support your crops from start to finish.

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