Trans Zn®

A systemic foliar zinc​.
Trans Zn® is a unique systemic fertilizer that helps zinc to be absorbed more quickly and translocate throughout the entire plant. Zinc has limited mobility in plants and Trans Zn helps resolve that issue.
  • Helps combat zinc deficiency issues
  • Stores excess zinc in the xylem and phloem to be used when needed
  • Using Transmaxx® technology separates foliar zinc from the competition

Application Rate:

Foliar Application: 16 fl. oz. per acre

Trans Zn® in Action

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Incremental Profit of

$9.50 PER ACRE

The application of Trans-Zn resulted in a gain of 3.5 bushels per acre and 0.5 pound gain in test weight.

The TransMaxx Difference

Corn Foliar Test

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