Foliar 20/20

Systemic foliar phosphorus and potassium​.
Foliar 20/20® uses TransMaxx® technology to drive phosphorus and potassium into the plant.
  • TransMaxx technology gets more P and K into the plant than competitor products, and at a lower usage rate
  • Allows for foliar correction to the plant when phosphorus is being tied up in the soil
  • Gives a phosphorus and potassium boost at critical growth stages

Application Rate:

Foliar: 16 fl. oz. per acre

Foliar 20/20 in Action

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Incremental Profit of

$118.25 PER ACRE

The Effect of Foliar 20/20 on Cotton

  • The price of cotton estimated at $0.70 per pound
  • The cost of Foliar 20/20 estimated at $4.95 per pint applied at 16 oz. per acre

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