Revolutionizing Agriculture with Technology: The Grimes Family’s Success Story

Just outside of Osborn, Missouri, the Grimes family is making their mark on agriculture and helping neighboring farmers find the value of technology that moves the needle for soil health, plant health, yield and sustainability. The family has served the farm community as a Burrus seed dealer for more than 25 years and also offers a one-stop-shop for agronomic chemicals.

New in 2022, Trent, the youngest generation to work on the operation, introduced Concept AgriTek products both to the farm and to the farmers he works with in the community. Now entering his second season of application both on his own acres and as a dealer, Trent shares that he couldn’t be happier.

Untreated left, treated right

“I was watching the Corn Warriors show on YouTube and heard a few commercials about Concept AgriTek. When I did a little research, I learned that they were based out of and make their products in Missouri, and I figured they would be a good fit. I was right,” Grimes says. “I started out just wanting to try their Buncha Bugs® product until I sat down and talked with Tyler Meyer, our rep.”

In 2022, Grimes farms utilized Bunch Bugs, Biovate® XP, and Total Phos® on corn starter and Total 10 in our bean starter. For fungicide, the operation used Sweet Success, Nutri Tek and Bio Health. The results, Grimes says, were nothing short of amazing.

“I wouldn’t be without Nutri Tek and Sweet Success together in a post herbicide pass,” Grimes says. “A couple of days after we applied it, we couldn’t believe how those corn plants perked up. Typically when you run a herbicide pass you’ll have a couple of days where the plants will get a yellow tinge to them from the chemical. We didn’t have that on the corn where we used Nutri Tek and Sweet Success, it was like giving those plants a booster shot in the arm.”

Grimes shares that the yield monitor also told the story.

He saw a 10-bushel difference on the corn acres where Buncha Bugs, Biovate XP, Micro Pak and Total Phos were applied.

As a technology dealer and young farmer, Grimes is excited to help put new tools in the tool boxes of the farmers he works with and is optimistic about the adoption of new tech.

“Like many in our area, last year was our first year using biologicals and I’ve been really surprised by the guys who have reached out. A lot of older farmers that I never thought would even think about (biologicals) have reached out and been asking a lot of questions,” he says. “And I think it makes sense, land is so expensive, whether you’re buying it, leasing it or paying taxes on it. We have to do everything we can to get the most out of every acre.”

Grimes says that mentality is one of the primary reasons his father and grandfather were open to trying something new.

Untreated top, treated bottom

“Land is also really hard to come by and a lot of landlords are really interested in biology and soil health and doing things without chemicals. Using biologicals is another thing that we can bring to the table to make a lease deal,” Grimes shares, adding, “My Dad basically said, “As long as you can prove to me that it pays for itself, I’ll be onboard.” It really didn’t take much talking, we’re all pretty open minded.”

Grimes’ customers are seeing the benefit, too, and shares that all of the customers who bought Buncha Bugs and Nutri Tek last year have expanded their acreage coverage this year with the products and added additional solutions from Concept AgriTek’s portfolio – a success he attributes to not only the efficacy of the products but the customized approach Concept AgriTek employs to help farmers find the right solution for every field.

“I saw it firsthand. I was planning to just go with Buncha Bugs last year and then visited with Tyler – he’s been at our place at least 10 times since we started with Concept AgriTek in 2022. We grid sampled all of our farms and he sat down and went over every field. We went through soil tests and he gave use recommendations based off of every test. That helped us make a decision of what to try where and we’ve been really happy,” he says.

To learn more about what Concept AgriTek has to offer and how to find a customized solution for your acres,  schedule a consultation.

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