Maximizing Corn and Soybean Yields with Concept AgriTek’s Innovative Product Range

 As a farmer, the ultimate goal is to produce high yields using fewer inputs without compromising return on investment. It’s a tall order!  

Reaching high yields in corn and soybeans requires providing your crops with the ideal balance of nutrients, promoting root growth, and fostering plant health.  Enter Concept AgriTek’s proprietary technologies and all-season product portfolio.  

Concept AgriTek offers over 70 innovative solutions that harness the power of agronomy, biology, and chemistry to help farmers reach their production goals.  From before planting, Concept AgriTek’s products are designed to boost plant health and performance at every growth stage. Let’s take a closer look at how Concept AgriTek’s offerings benefit corn and soybean farmers. 

Maximizing Nutrient Availability  

 One of the keys to bumper corn and soybean yields is ensuring your crops have access to ample nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. Concept AgriTek’s Buncha Bugs® DF introduces a consortium of beneficial soil microbes that make more of these essential nutrients plant available. 

 The microbes get to work as soon as they contact the soil, unlocking tied-up nutrients so your crops can take them up. Buncha Bugs DF can be applied in-furrow or broadcast with herbicides. For an extra boost, BioRite combines the Buncha Bugs microbial blend with RootTek, a food source for the microbes, and PeneTek®, which carries the microbes deeper into the soil profile. 

 Seed treatments are another effective way to infuse seedlings with nutrients and biologicals from day one. Buncha Bugs® DF ST is a biological seed treatment that coats seeds with beneficial bacteria to increase nutrient availability in the seedbed. Buncha Bugs DF ST also mixes easily with other seed treatment inputs. 

Enhancing Root Development 

Well-developed root systems are critical for corn and soybeans to efficiently take up water and nutrients and withstand stresses. Concept AgriTek’s Biovate® XP, powered by BioTek and RootTek technologies, bolsters the plant hormones involved in root growth and stalk strength.  

Biovate XP can be applied in-furrow or foliar. For an early-season jumpstart, Nutri Tek powered by TransMaxx delivers a targeted package of seven micronutrients that are key for robust early root and seedling development. A strong start sets the stage for higher yield potential. 

Protecting Plant Health  

Keeping your corn and soybean crops healthy through the season is paramount in reaching your yield goals. Concept AgriTek’s Bio Health is a cutting-edge plant health amendment featuring naturally-occurring, carefully selected microbes that boost crops’ health and stress tolerance. 

BioHealth has been tested across many crops and regions. Concept AgriTek also offers StressTek technology which reduces the impact of crop stress by strengthening plants’ overall health and immune response.  

Incorporating BioHealth and StressTek products into your program helps your crops stand up to Mother Nature and what she will throw at them this season. 

Optimized Product Options 

No two farming operations are the same, so Concept AgriTek provides a range of product options to fit seamlessly into your management strategy and address your specific needs.  

Whether you prefer an in-furrow application, 2×2, broadcast, seed treatment, or foliar spray, Concept AgriTek has you covered with formulations designed for your planting needs. Their specialists can help you select the ideal products and build a customized fertility program to reach your yield goals. 

The Proof is in the Results 

Across the country, corn and soybean farmers are seeing the benefits of Concept AgriTek’s products in their fields. On-farm trials with BioRice, a version of the technology tailored for rice, averaged a 9.5 bushel per acre advantage. 

Growers are also achieving great results with Micro Micro Pak, a line of micronutrients that are crucial for cell division, enzyme activation, energy transfer, and hormone production. Delivering a well-timed micronutrient package leads to better plant health and function. 

Harness the Power of Science-Backed Solutions 

With Concept AgriTek on your team, you have access to a robust portfolio of products backed by research and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Their technologies are designed to integrate smoothly with your fertility program, working with your other inputs to elevate performance. 

If you’re aiming for bin-busting corn and soybean yields this season, look to Concept AgriTek’s range of solutions to give your crops the advantage. From emergence to harvest, their products will be hard at work maximizing nutrient availability, root development, and plant health – paving the way to your most profitable yields yet. 

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