Josh Powell Joins Concept AgriTek as District Sales Manager

On pace for a record-breaking year, Concept AgriTek is excited to add talent to their growing sales force with the addition of Josh Powell.

Powell will reside in Kentucky and serve as a District Sales Manager to help new and existing customers in Kentucky, southern Illinois, Tennessee, and southern Indiana find their soil’s potential through the use of Concept AgriTek’s portfolio of products.

“Working with the Concept AgriTek team I get to work in both sales and agronomy; I get to put what I know to work for farmers. It’s exciting to see how the benefits of improved soil health and greater organic matter content translate to crop vigor and better yields,” Powell says and adds, “What really drew me to Concept AgriTek was their ability to build on the “NPK” side of production agriculture, with micronutrients, biology, and technology. It’s not just one fit across 10 farms. They look at soil tests and tissue samples for every farm and build a custom plan. I’ve heard about the team’s ABC (agronomy, biology and chemistry) approach for several years and I’m excited to put it to work for the farmers I work with.”

Powell is a graduate of the College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky, holds a degree in general agriculture, and shares that soil is a family business.

“My father was a soil scientist for the Peabody Coal Company, and following him around and learning from him, helped me decide what I wanted to do with my career,” he says.

Powell’s well-rounded experience includes micronutrient work with corn, soybeans, wheat, and tobacco.

“I think it goes without saying that Josh is joining our team with a passion for soil health,” says Concept AgriTek owner and founder, Trey Curtis. “And that’s exactly what we look for in all of our employees, as a team, we are as invested in a crop’s success as the farmer marketing it. We’re all excited to have Josh on the team and looking forward to seeing the solutions he helps deliver in his area this growing season.”

Powell began his role on February 27, 2023.

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