Global Growth and Innovation: Concept AgriTek’s 2023 Dealer Meeting Highlights

CHARLESTON, MO – Concept AgriTek dealers from across the United States and around the world convened in St. Louis, Missouri, December 11-13 to network, learn, and hear updates on 2023 product trials and upcoming 2024 products.

“Good things come from a room filled with people invested in making ag production better, and we couldn’t have asked for better attendance of our 2023 dealer meeting,” Concept AgriTek founder and CEO Trey Curtis shared as more chairs and tables were set up for attendees. “I believe that greatness is born from great opportunity, and with well over 100 U.S. dealers as well as customer-dealers from Turkey and Belize who joined us, we had an incredible opportunity to learn from one another.”

The annual event commenced Monday, December 11, with a welcome and networking reception that offered games, food, and fun for all ages of attendees present. Tickets were awarded for participation in the games and participants had the option of several prizes for which their name could be drawn. A highlight of the evening, and the most popular prize, included a “day of labor” from Curtis.

Attendees heard from Curtis, the roots and lineage of Concept AgriTek before learning about the incredible growth the company has experienced in 2023, both within the Charleston headquarters and across the country. The presentation, given by Mark Glastetter and Sheldon Alt, highlighted the infrastructure expansion for manufacturing capacity, team growth, retention and increased state and regional coverage throughout the U.S., along with the company’s record-breaking sales year.

“While a lot of our competitors have downsized or gone out of business, Concept AgriTek has grown. In fact, we’ve had one of the best years we’ve ever had,” Alt told the group. “And the people in this room have had a big hand in helping us to get to where we are today. Thank you.”

Awards and a dealer panel also marked day one of the event, showcasing both business and product performance and experience. Following, attendees got an in-depth review of the more than 100 Concept AgriTek 2023 agronomy plots and a special look into what Chief Science Officer, Chris Underwood, called “beefed-up chemistry” that included hands on experiments and a demonstration of Concept AgriTek proprietary technologies.

“We have added a rockstar research agronomy team this year, and Rebecca Muench’s presentation on GDUs was a good example of the kind of talent on the team,” said Bert Riggan, Director of Agronomy. “We’re excited to share this outstanding research that she put together.”

Serving as both the keynote and day two anchor for the annual meeting, Dr. James White, Rutgers University Plant Biologist, shared his team’s research on the rhizophagy cycle and how growers can work with the cycle to reduce inputs and allow the microbiome to function as it was designed to. The nearly two-hour presentation supported work and communication from the Concept AgriTek team and garnered discussion that lasted long after the meeting concluded.

At the close of the meeting, Trey Curtis; Daniel Hensley, Concept AgriTek President; and Bert Riggan were presented with handstitched quilts featuring the Belize national flag and Concept AgriTek’s logo by Belize customer Jerry Friesen.

“Concept AgriTek has been one of the most positive influences on agriculture in Belize,” Friesen shared as he presented the gifts, sewn by his mother.

Daniel Hensley shared what Jerry’s words mean to him and the Concept AgriTek team and expressed his gratitude for the thoughtful gift.

“I can’t tell you how much it means to receive a gift like this and hear those words from Jerry. We have worked hard, since the beginning, to put farmers first – a lot of companies say it but our first question to every farmer we visit with is, “What are your pain points?”. Sometimes addressing those pain points doesn’t involve any of our products, and that’s okay. That’s how we’re building relationships not just in the U.S. but in countries around the world. Trey, Bert, and I have all spent time in Belize working with Jerry, learning about the pain points of Belize farmers. To know that we are making a difference is an incredible feeling.”

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