Craig Barriball Transitions to Key Account Manager in Support of MACC Group Members 

Charleston, MO — A valuable member of the Concept AgriTek sales team, District Sales Manager, Craig Barriball assumed the role of Key Account Manager on November 8, 2023.

Barriall’s transition supports Concept AgriTek’s ongoing commitment to the MACC membership, and places him in a role that will provide dedicated service to MACC members.

A Minnesota native, Barriball is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has spent his career serving the agriculture and turf industries. The experience has allowed him to build a wealth of soil health knowledge that he leverages to help farmers get the most from the soils they farm.  Over the past two years, Barriball has served Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and north central Iowa in his District Sales Manager role and will continue to provide the level of service Concept AgriTek is known for going forward.

“I truly enjoy what I get to do every day. Helping farmers find what works to get them to their goals is rewarding and I see that satisfaction increasing exponentially with this new role,” Barriball says. “The MACC group is made up of some of the most progressive farmers in the country and to help that group grow and succeed will be rewarding.”

A self-described life-long learner, Barriball says that Concept AgriTek’s continued research and commitment to improving soil and plant health, yield and ROI opportunities is what initially attracted him to the company, a sentiment Concept AgriTek President Daniel Hensley shares resonates throughout the Concept AgriTek culture.

“We are continually working to push the limits of plant and soil health through agronomy, biology, and chemistry, across different growing environments and challenges. Our team is made up of farmers and agronomists who respect the cost of what it takes to put a crop in the ground and true ROI, which makes us a good partner for the MACC group,” Hensley says. “Our support of the MACC group, exemplified through this new role, was a perfect fit for Craig. Both the relationships he holds within that group and his commitment to doing what’s right for the farmer, will make him successful in his new role.”

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