Concept AgriTek: Expanding in ’22

There isn’t one facet of Concept AgriTek that hasn’t seen growth in 2022 and the manufacturing team and facilities are no exception. We caught up with Operations Manager, Donald Hamby, to learn what the growth means for his team and their ability to get product where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

“We’re doubling our production capacity by about 5-times and we’ve grown our team by more than 50% in 2022,” he says, “ and that means that we are going to be better positioned to get our customers what they need when they need it.”

Hamby says that the expansion also means that he will be able to secure products earlier and in larger quantities, which will help to guarantee ingredients are on-hand when they are needed.

“There are two main areas that we are focusing on in the expansion, infrastructure and storage capacity. We’ve also added additional trailers so we don’t have to wait for trailers to come back to unload and reload, our drivers can just swap trailers—hook up and go,” he says.

Hamby says that Concept AgriTek’s storage capacity will grow by half a million gallons and manufacturing in the facility will be fully automated, making quality control and filling more precise while freeing his team members up to help in other areas of manufacturing.

“Another place that we are making improvements through automation is in truck filling. We can fill bulk tankers much faster than we used to be able to,” says Hamby, adding that the time savings across the facility update add up for the company across the board.

The expansion continues and we’re excited to share more about how Concept AgriTek is positioning to be the leader in on-farm agronomy, biology and chemistry solutions!

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