Concept AgriTek Acquires Terra Ally, Expanding Portfolio to Include Turf Management


CHARLESTON, MISSOURI – Concept AgriTek, a leading innovator in agricultural technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Terra Ally, a prominent player in the turf management industry.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Concept AgriTek’s journey, as it broadens its product offerings to encompass the world of turf management. Concept AgriTek has long been recognized for its commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural sector through cutting- edge technology solutions grounded in agronomy, biology, and chemistry. With Terra Ally now part of the Concept AgriTek family, the company is set to extend its expertise to the turf management arena, furthering its mission to enhance sustainable and efficient practices in agriculture.

Terra Ally is renowned for its expertise in providing high-quality turf management solutions, serving a wide range of industries such as sports fields, golf courses, and landscaping. This acquisition will enable Concept AgriTek to leverage Terra Ally’s extensive knowledge and experience to develop innovative turf management solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

“We are excited to add Terra Ally into the Concept AgriTek family,” said Trey Curtis, Owner of Concept AgriTek. “This acquisition aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and sustainability. By combining Terra Ally’s expertise with our core competencies in agronomy, biology, and chemistry, we will create powerful synergies that benefit our customers and the environment.”

As Concept AgriTek expands its portfolio to include turf management, customers can expect a comprehensive range of solutions designed to optimize turf health, reduce water and resource consumption, and enhance overall turf aesthetics.

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