Bert Riggan named Concept AgriTek’s Director of Agronomy

As a longtime member of the Concept AgriTek family, the company is pleased to announce the internal promotion of Bert Riggan to Director of Agronomy.

A native of Mississippi, Riggan has been a member of the Concept AgriTek agronomic team since 2015. Overseeing research trials, aspects of product development and serving as the boots-on-the-ground making agronomy, biology and chemistry recommendations for a variety of crop acres, Riggan has been an instrumental part of the company’s growth and success.

As the Director of Agronomy, Riggan will manage a team of agronomists stationed across the U.S. to provide oversight and direction, as well as guidance in the management of risks within those regions.

“This position will allow me to concentrate on the new regions that we are rapidly expanding into,” Riggan says. “With the addition of agronomists on the eastern seaboard, the upper Midwest and further west into those western regions of the U.S., where we are seeing tremendous growth of Concept AgriTek products, our team will be better equipped to serve the multitude of crops and millions of acres we’re providing soil and plant health solutions for.”

Riggan brings a wealth and internationally reaching knowledge and application of agronomy, leadership and agriculture expertise from his time with sector leading agricultural companies. Prior to joining the Concept AgriTek team, Riggan spent more than a decade managing acres for the Delta and Pine Land Company, served as the Plant Manager for Bayer Crop Science’s Stoneville, MS delinting facility, and managed 39,000 acres, reaching from the Missouri bootheel to the Mississippi Delta, for a private equity firm as an agronomic account manager.

“Working for Concept AgriTek has allowed me to pursue and live a lifelong dream I’ve had of being a “pure” agronomist,” he says. “I’m able to make a true difference across a lot of acres and I think anyone would be proud to work for a company that allows them to do that.”

Concept AgriTek President, Daniel Hensley, shares Riggan’s passion and attributes much of the incredible growth the company has seen to an outstanding team of professionals dedicated to the promotion of agronomy, biology and chemistry on every acre of every farm to drive soil and plant health, profit and opportunity within every operation.

“A company can’t be successful without good people and good people are something that we are truly blessed with at Concept AgriTek. Our team cares about the success of the farmers they work with every day, not because it’s their job but because they understand agriculture and what it means to the rural communities that they all come from. We can’t be successful unless the farmers we work with are successful. With Bert’s leadership and direction of our agronomy team we’re going to be in a better position to not only help farmers reach their goals but give them the why and the how it takes to keep meeting their goals year after year,” Hensley says.

Riggan began his new role on March 13, 2023.

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