Magnesium deficiency in corn? Concept AgriTek can help!

Low angle view of young corn plants in a field after the rain magnesium deficiency

An overlooked micronutrient that makes a big impact on corn yields in magnesium (Mg); it’s one of the essential nutrients required for healthy corn growth and optimal yields.

Why? Because Mg is the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule and plays a critical role in photosynthesis. It’s also involved in enzyme activation, nutrient uptake and translocation, and starch production. Unfortunately, Mg deficiencies are all too common in corn – leading to significant yield losses if not caught timely.

With a company platform built on agronomy, biology and chemistry, Concept AgriTek didn’t just recognize the Mg gap in production agriculture, we went to work to create a solution that fit your needs and our commitment to helping farmers help their soil and plant health. Through cutting-edge technologies, we help growers ensure their corn (and many other) crop has access to the Mg it needs to reach yield potential, even in the toughest of growing conditions.

Recognizing Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms in Corn

The classic symptom of Mg deficiency in corn is interveinal chlorosis, or yellowing between the leaf veins, on the lower/older leave. As the deficiency progresses, yellow to white streaking appears between veins, while the veins themselves remain green. In severe cases, reddish-purple tints develop on the lower leaves, followed by brown, necrotic edges and leaf tips.

Mg deficiency can be confused with other nutrient shortages like sulfur, zinc, and iron, that’s why tissue sampling to confirm is crucial to correcting the issue. Soil tests should show Mg levels and cation ratios, while tissue samples of the ear leaf at silking should contain 0.16-0.4% Mg.

What Causes Magnesium Deficiency?

Several soil and environmental factors can contribute to Mg deficiency in corn:

  • Acidic, sandy soils with low cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • High levels of competing cations like potassium (K+), ammonium (NH4+), calcium (Ca2+)
  • Cold, wet soil conditions that limit root growth and Mg uptake
  • Soils that haven’t received Mg fertilizer or dolomitic lime

In many regions, intensive cropping with a focus on the “big 3” NPK has depleted soil Mg levels over time. As a result, Mg deficiencies are showing up more frequently, even in soils with historically adequate Mg.

We’ve got you covered with a line-up of Magnesium Products

Concept AgriTek has developed a portfolio of products to help corn growers boost Mg uptake and avoid yield-limiting deficiencies. By incorporating these tools into a comprehensive crop nutrition program, farmers can harness the benefits of Mg at every growth stage.

Nutri-Tek: Early-Season Magnesium Infusion

Nutri-Tek is a balanced micronutrient package containing Mg along with sulfur, iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc. Applied in-furrow or foliar, it gives seedlings a nutritional jumpstart that includes a targeted Mg boost.

The Mg in Nutri-Tek promotes strong early root development, setting the stage for efficient uptake of water and nutrients as the season progresses. In corn, robust early growth is strongly correlated with yield potential.

Biovate XP: Magnesium Mobility and Plant Health

Powered by BioTek and RootTek technologies, Biovate XP enhances plant health and nutrient movement through the corn plant. It can be applied in-furrow or foliar to increase Mg mobility from roots to leaves.

Biovate XP ensures Mg is translocated to where the growing corn plant needs it most, especially the chlorophyll-packed upper leaves. This optimizes photosynthesis and energy production during the critical grain fill period.

Bio Health: Magnesium Uptake and Stress Resilience

Bio Health is a cutting-edge biostimulant that contains synergistic microbes to improve nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. It helps corn plants access more Mg from the soil and use it efficiently, even under challenging conditions.

By enhancing root function and stress resilience, Bio Health works with Mg to keep the corn plant’s metabolic machinery running smoothly. Healthier plants with well-functioning photosynthetic systems are able to produce higher yields.

Tissue Testing to Fine-Tune Magnesium Management

In addition to these preventive and corrective Mg products, Concept AgriTek recommends tissue testing to monitor corn nutrient status throughout the season. Testing the ear leaves at silking provides a snapshot of whether Mg supply is keeping pace with crop demand.

If tissue tests show low Mg levels, farmers can make a foliar application of Nutri-Tek or Biovate XP to quickly boost plant Mg content and keep deficiencies at bay. Pairing tissue testing with just-in-time foliar Mg applications is an efficient way to optimize corn nutrition.

Protect Yield Potential with Proactive Magnesium Management

Magnesium deficiency is a serious threat to corn yields, but growers don’t have to leave their crop’s performance to chance. By taking a proactive approach with Concept AgriTek’s targeted Mg products and technologies, farmers can prevent deficiencies before they take a bite out of yield and profits.

Incorporating Mg nutrition into an overall soil health and crop fertility strategy is key to growing high-yielding corn. With the help of Concept AgriTek’s innovative solutions, growers can rest assured their crop has the Mg it needs to thrive all season long.

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