Looking for a crop yield increase? Consider these factors

Since the beginning of agriculture, farmers have worked to find ways to increase crop yields. It’s a moving target with many factors, but as the worldwide demand for food supply increases, and as the cost of doing business escalates, it is imperative that farmers explore various factors when determining ways to increase their crop yield while reducing agricultural lossesModern technologies and solutions developed using proven agronomy, biology, chemistry can help farmers improve crop performance and achieve better yields.

What are the ways to increase crop yield?

Some crop-yield solutions developed over time have been effective, while others haven’t. But, because many farmers take the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” approach, they have been hesitant to change their methodology. As a result, their yields don’t vary much from year to year.

Technology is rapidly evolving and every player in the industry, from seed and fertilizer companies to equipment manufacturers and field monitoring solutions providers, are working feverishly to develop products and services that will help growers get the right seed for the conditions in the right place and give it the best possible chance to thrive and increase yield.

A combination of technology and best farming practices can improve crop performance. Here are some ways best practices can help farmers increase their yield.

How does proper irrigation increase crop yield?

Some farms are located in areas where irrigation isn’t needed, while others wouldn’t be able to produce a healthy crop without proper irrigation. Others are in situated in an area in which the addition of proper irrigation could lead to a beneficial soil moisture boost and crop yield increases.

There are various types of irrigation and growers need to investigate each thoroughly to ensure that the method they select is the most appropriate for soil conditions and crop types. We suggest conducting a thorough soil analysis and consulting with an agronomist before implementing any irrigation strategy.

According to Cornell University, the four methods of agricultural irrigation are:

  • Surface: Water is distributed over the soil surface by gravity flow, introduced into level or graded furrows or basins, using siphons, gated pipe or turnout structures, and is allowed to advance across the field. This method is best suited to flat land slopes and to medium to fine textured soil types.
  • Sprinkler: Water is sprayed or sprinkled through the air like raindrops. The sprinkling devices can be permanently set in place, temporarily set in place and moved or they can be mounted on booms and pipelines that continuously travel across the land surface (wheel roll, linear move, center pivot).
  • Drip/trickle: Water is applied to the crops through emitters such as drip tape or poly pipe.
  • Subsurface: Water is applied below the surface, usually within the root zone, using drip or trickle irrigation emission devices.

How do herbicides and pesticides and fungicides increase crop yield?

It’s critical to care for plants during development and throughout the growing season. That means protecting them from yield-robbing weed, pest and disease pressures.

Concept AgriTek has a robust lineup of full-season biological treatments, such as Bio Health with Bio-Tek technology, Fulvic Force with TransMaxx technology, which not only help mitigate environmental stress, but also aid in plant health and nutrient uptake and boost plant energy throughout the growing season. We also offer the only broadcast nematicide on the market, the EPA-registered Chitocide.

How do fertilizers increase crop yield?

Much has been made over the past few months about rising fertilizer costs. The nutrients found in traditional fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as many valuable micronutrients, also can be delivered through biological sources. Concept AgriTek has a full suite of planter-applied fertilizers and foliar fertilizers that can be used  in concert with, or in some instances in place of, liquid or dry fertilizers.

Many of the biological products offered by Concept AgriTek help increase soil health and the plant’s uptake of nutrients and micronutrients, leading to healthier plants and an increased yield. Detailed information about those products, including yield data, can be found here.

Promoting crop yield increase

Promoting crop productivity begins before the first seed is planted. For example, it is critical to select quality seeds that have passed stringent quality tests and have been properly certified. Certified seeds may cost more than noncertified seeds, but the resulting crop is well worth the extra investment.

Once the proper seed has been selected, Concept AgriTek can help maximize that investment with our line of pesticidal and biological seed treatment products.

Seed Guard Bio is a 4-in-1 product that gives you an inoculant, root stimulant, biology and a microbial food sources all in one. Our Bio-Tek technology also does something no other biological product has done: the microbial population on the seed actually increases after treatment, allowing you to treat your seed earlier.

Buncha Bugs DF ST is a biological seed treatment containing a natural consortium of beneficial soil microbes that specialize in releasing bound phosphorous, potassium and other micronutrients. It introduces a healthy colony of beneficial soil bacteria right on the seed and increases soil tilth, better percolation and water retention. Learn more about Concept AgriTek seed treatments here.

Sourcing supplies to protect your crop

As we enter the 2022 planting and growing season, the ongoing supply chain disruption and the war in Ukraine have caused raw materials shortages in agriculture. As a result, some inputs are in short supply and some prices will continue to rise. Now is the time to purchase any materials you will need for the season.

We’ll help you maximize your crop yield

Your Concept AgriTek sales representative and our agronomy team can help you determine what products will position you for your best shot at a crop yield increase and a higher return on investment.

We have developed products to help you unlock the nutrients and micronutrients that are already in your soil and help plants make better use of them. Our full line of advanced products includes:

  • Foliar fertilizers
  • Full-season plant nutrition options
  • Planter-applied fertilizers
  • Seed treatments

We invite you to learn more about the products we have engineered to increase your crop yields and maximize your profits.

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