Enhancing Cotton Harvest Readiness: The Fulvic Force Defoliation Solution

There’s a host of reasons farmers defoliate a cotton crop with harvest preparation typically topping the list. As we head into #Harvest23, with defoliation top of mind for many cotton producers, Fulvic Force® is a product our agronomy team recommends adding to your defoliation tank mix.

Fulvic Force increases absorption and mobilization of your defoliator of choice while fulvic particles provide a unique health benefit to applied crops. Leveraging Concept AgriTek’s proprietary technology, TransMaxx®, Fulvic Force systemically moves nutrients throughout the plant to ensure that the defoliation agent is applied evenly and effectively to cotton plants. In conjunction, these two Fulvic Force attributes create unparalleled defoliation success, plant by plant, to produce a uniform field of plants that are ready to be harvested at the same time.

Fulvic Force also enhances nutrient uptake by the cotton plant, which supports plant resilience against the stressors incurred from defoliation. The product works to promote the overall plant health that aids in fast recovery after defoliation and maintained plant integrity at harvest. And, unlike its synthetic competitors, Fulvic Force works to improve the microbiome and overall soil health by enhancing structure, increasing water-holding capacity, and fueling microbial activity to set the next cash crop up for success before the seeds meet the soil!


Our team understands that cost is paramount to every activity that happens on the farm and defoliation is no different. That’s why we’ve broken it down to show just what you’re getting AND how it will effect your budget’s bottom line.

The average cost per acre of defoliation, opener and application in a two-pass system breaks out like this:

Defol + Opener = $15-$17 per ac

Application (blended average or ground applied and aerial applied) = $6 per acre

Total for two pass system is roughly $42-$46 per acre.

One pass is roughly $36-$40 per acre.

The most popular crop oil/surfactant is 80/20 which runs anywhere from $20-$25 a gallon. Recommended rate is 1-2 pints per acre or $2.5-$3.13 an acre for 1 pint and $5 – $6.26 per acre at two pints per acre.

Our team makes the following recommendation:

Replace your 80/20 with Fulvic Force at the same rate (1 pint) at $2.15 per acre. That is a savings of anywhere from $0.35 – $0.98 at the pint rate and anywhere from $2.85-$4.11 if you’ve been using 2 pints per acre of 80/20 per acre.

When you couple this savings with the improved fiber quality achieved by harvesting a uniformly defoliated field, free of leaves that otherwise become entangled with cotton fibers AND disease mitigation achieved through the reduction of foliage on cotton plants, we think Fulvic Force is AT THE VERY LEAST, worth a call to your local Concept AgriTek dealer. Our full team is also only just a phone call (888-638-9984) or email (info@conceptagritek.com) away.

We’ve expanded in 2023 and, chances are, we’ve got a rep in your neck of the woods who can drop by to help you find a #Harvest23 and beyond plan that works for you.

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