Early-season boost: Nutri-Tek provides entire plant with early-season nutritional infusion

At Concept AgriTek, you’ll hear us talk all the time about holistic growing strategies, rooted in agronomy, biology and chemistry, that will help farmers increase yields and realize a better return on their investment.

One of the stages critical to reaching those goals is early plant development. Larger corn ears, more bean pods and more wheat kernels won’t be realized if the plant doesn’t receive proper nutrients and micronutrients in the early development stages.

That’s why Concept AgriTek developed Nutri-Tek. The foliar-applied product, featuring our proprietary TransMaxx technology, systematically moves nutrients through the entire plant, even the roots. Nutri-Tek delivers seven micronutrients that help boost early seedling development and provide essential nutrition ahead of the reproductive pull.

As farmers begin to roll into the field for Plant ‘22, now is the time to consider giving those plants the edge they need to endure whatever conditions they may face this growing season.

“Using a pint of Nutri-Tek (per acre) over some other EDTA-chelated product, has proven to be very successful,” said Sheldon Alt, Business Development Manager for Concept AgriTek. “That will look very nice from an ROI aspect.”

How it works

Nutri-Tek is applied at a rate of a pint per acre. Upon application, the plant immediately absorbs key nutrients and micronutrients, making them available to the entire plant.

“You never want your plant to have a bad day,” Alt added. “And when you think of corn plants in that V4 to V8 stage, ear determination is happening, so it’s a wonderful time to put some down, say as part of a post-herbicide pass. It is very stable and mixes well with everything, so if you’re going out to do a little weed clean up, make sure it’s in the tank. You’ll be giving that plant everything it needs so it won’t have a bad day. You’re covering all your bases to make sure the plant is going to do everything it can to get a longer ear and set more rounds.

Early-season applications are crucial in any product on which Nutri-Tek is used. Alt used soybeans as an example.

“Soybeans need early micronutrients. They starve for it,” Alt said. “If you miss that timing of getting Nutri-Tek out early in soybeans, you’re going to have a really hard time catching up. Again, it’s filling in those gaps of the puzzle going into more critical times in the growing season.”

Improving resilience

From unrelenting drought in part of the country, to heavy saturation and an increase in high-wind events in others, those plants often face yield-robbing stress. Weather isn’t the only challenge they face. Pests, weeds and disease are tricky, and often expensive problems to tackle.

“When that plant comes out of the ground, we need for it to mature naturally and have everything it needs, and some growers, because of weather conditions, are already a little bit behind the eight ball,” Alt said. “We need to protect these plants so nothing else sets them back.”

Many growers tend to focus on achieving optimum levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but often overlook crucial micronutrients plants require to thrive.

Studies have shown that growers who use Nutri-Tek have seen critical increases in magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc. Nutri-Tek also provides plants with an extra shot of nitrogen.

“Most growers are very good at getting the N, P and K down, and I consider those as being larger puzzle pieces,” Alt said. “However, sometimes there can be small holes in that puzzle that you don’t have a piece for. Nutri-Tek is a phenomenal product for filling some of those tiny gaps, with seven micronutrients, as well as a bit of nitrogen.”

How Concept AgriTek can help

With agronomists and sales managers covering the majority of the United States, Concept AgriTek has an acute awareness of the crop-specific and locale-specific challenges growers face. Their combined knowledge and communication lead to prompt, custom solutions that benefit the farmer.

“So many different things take place, say from the Mississippi Delta to Southeast Georgia to the Texas Panhandle to the Corn Belt,” Alt said. “We’ve seen a lot of different things and we have a lot of tools in the toolbox to help producers through any sort of agronomic challenge.”

To learn more about the benefits of Nutri-Tek with TransMaxx technology, visit www.conceptagritek.com, call (888) 638-9984, or email info@conceptagritek.com.

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