Diggin’ In Podcast – Soil Science Series


Diggin’ in with Concept AgriTek is a new conversation for an age-old solution: soil! In this new series of podcasts, we sit down with some of the most engaging thought-leaders in agriculture to explore new research and applications in soil health and productivity. We’re diggin’ in to learn more about the Rhizophagy Cycle, microbiome function, Haney testing and putting those test results to work. Follow along as we tie every conversation back to practices that matter to your farm’s productivity.

Listen to all the episodes here:

Episode 1 – Dr. James White

In episode one of the Diggin’ In With Concept AgriTek podcast, we sit down with Dr. James White, Rutgers University, to learn about the Rhizophagy Cycle and what it means for a plant’s ability to cultivate the microbiome it needs to not only sustain but reach genetic potential. Through the research Dr. White and his team have conducted over the past decade, groundbreaking information surrounding the functionality of plant root hairs has been discovered as well as the everchanging composition of the plant microbiome, from seed to soil. We dig in to these topics and more as we learn from a Rhizophage pioneer.


Episode 2 – Liz & Rick Haney

Episode two of Diggin’ in With Concept AgriTek lays out the practical application of the Rhizophagy Cycle with Rick and Liz Haney. From the want-to-be farmer who found another way to help agriculture through soil testing that tells the whole story of a soil’s potential to “a skinny white dude” who puts it all into perspective on the farm—if you grow anything from the soil, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!


Episode 3 – Daniel Hensley

We wrap up the three-part series with Concept AgriTek President, Daniel Hensley. An agronomist by education and application for the entirety of his career, Daniel digs into the previous two episodes to not only share the Concept AgriTek story but how the team has worked for more than a decade to put the practices the Haney’s talk about into play for farmers.

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