Daniel Hensley – Diggin’ In Podcast Ep. 3

Wrapping up the three-part series of Diggin’ In, Concept AgriTek President, Daniel Hensley joins the podcast to share about the decade of work his team has done putting the Haney practices into play.

Focusing on soil was one thing, but Hensley says the team understood they were missing a critical puzzle piece. He mentioned he was able to listen to Dr. James White discuss the Rhizophagy Cycle, which gave him and the entire Concept AgriTek team the chance to piece the soil biology puzzle together.

“The things we have been seeing have now been validating when we heard Dr. White talk about root hairs in science science,” Hensley said. “We’ve all been told roots are for water and nutrient uptake, but what we haven’t learned is they’re actually producing exudates.”

After some observations, Hensley said they observed root hairs were a positive factor, but not as consistent as they had anticipated. “The the results are much more consistent now that we have expanded our biology team and we are now seeing results from the flooded rice fields in Arkansas to the dry land corn in South Dakota,” mentioned Hensley.

It’s all about finding the needs to increase soils overall satisfaction and balance, which ultimately can lead to increase application efficiency.

Concept AgriTek works to supply great products which serve to aid in nitrogen fixation, mentioned Hensley, adding “People in the agricultural industry are seeking an efficient and cost-effective fertilizer input and we are going to keep working on new products and research based growth.”

Hensley said he believes the Concept AgriTek blend does an excellent job in nitrogen development, especially from a soybean inoculation soybean standpoint.

In addition to nitrogen development products, the team also offers nitrogen fixation aids which serve a purpose in developing seed coat microbiome. However, bio stimulants only work if there is something to stimulate the product. Hensley went on to say not only do the aids act as stimulants on the seed, but they represent a living breathing bacteria package that’s mixed in as well.

“When we at Concept AgriTek first started to use the Haney Test, it confirmed many questions and has allowed the team the ability to help farmers do more with that they have,” Hensley said, “We ideally wanted to bring the tilled acres and the farmed fields back as close to original nature as we could get them and the folks we are working with are genuinely learning more than they have in the past.”

This thought led Concept ArgiTek down a road where their company stands today. Looking ahead for 2023, Hensley said the Concept AgriTek team is working to build infrastructure, increase their overall sales network and ultimately work to stay ahead of demand increases.

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