Buncha Bugs DF unlocks soil’s true potential, improves plant health

With the ever-increasing cost of fertilizer and other inputs, it is vitally important that farmers get the most out of their investment. That means everything from the right seed to the right placement.

But how do you give that plant the best shot at being healthy and productive? It actually begins with the soil in which the seed is planted.

You might plant the seed at the right depth and you might have gotten the furrow closed just right. But, ground that is devoid of the optimum nutrients and micronutrients will fail to give the grower ideal results. For the highest-possible yield and the best-possible return on investment, soil health needs to be the primary focus.

How can Concept AgriTek help increase soil health?

Reid Lane, a District Manager with Concept AgriTek said farmers often ask him how they can improve soil and plant health, and standability in corn plants.

His answer? Buncha Bugs DF.

Using proprietary Bio-Tek technology, Concept AgriTek has been able to formulate a large consortium of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and bio-stimulants designed to enhance indigenous plant-friendly microbial populations in the soil, enhancing soil and plant health.

Buncha Bugs increases available nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients in the soil, increases soil tilth, percolation and water retention and increases biomass above and below ground level.

“If you’re looking to improve your soil health, especially in something like clay, Buncha Bugs DF is going to give you your biggest bang for the buck,” Lane said.

When do you apply Buncha Bugs DF?

Just one application of Buncha Bugs is needed. It should be applied in-furrow, during planting.

The application rate is one ounce per acre. It can also be done via fertigation, at a rate of two ounces per acre.

Give your plants a 1-2 punch with Biovate XP

Buncha Bugs DF often is paired with Biovate XP, a specific blend of clean, powerful soil and plant stimulants not found in ordinary fertilizers. It provides a complex food source to boost microbial populations in the soil.

Many areas of the country have experienced extreme drought or moisture conditions, late-season frost or wind pressures. Biovate XP aids in plant health during weather-related stress situations. It also increases microbial activity by providing energy to developing plants.

The application rate for Biovate XP is 16 fluid ounces per acre by planter or 32 fluid ounces per acre broadcast or fertigated.

Can Buncha Bugs DF increase yield?

Field trials have shown that use of Buncha Bugs DF can increase yields by as much as 12 bushels per acre. At $7.90 per bushel (as of April 15, 2022), a 1,000-acre field would realize an increase of nearly $95,000. Many commodities market analysts believe corn prices will continue to rise along with global demand. As those prices rise, healthier soil and increased yields will mean more money in a grower’s pocket.

Learn more about how Buncha Bugs DF can make money for you

To learn more about how Buncha Bugs DF can improve soil and plant health, leading to better yields and a higher return on investment, visit www.conceptagritek.com, or call (888) 638-9984


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