BioRite unlocks nutrients, makes crops, soil come alive


An absolute game changer.

That’s how Daniel Hensley, the Vice President of Sales and Agronomy for Concept AgriTek views BioRite, a broadcast biological product that has helped many farmers improve overall soil and plant health in a wide variety of row-crop applications.

“When we think about biology, forever and ever, the only option we had was to run a biology in furrow, and we didn’t want the farmer to have any excuses to not use a biology,” Hensley said. “That’s how important we felt that introducing good biology back into the soil was.”

From that desire came Concept AgriTek’s BioRite with BunchaBugs DF microbial and Root-Tek technology. It provides a food source for microbes, and our new soil penetrant technology, Pene-Tek, carries those microbes into the soil profile so they are not affected by ultraviolet light.

BioRite is broadcast at a rate of 32 fl. oz. per acre.

The photo shows cotton planted on the same date. The BioRite treatment was applied on May 17, 2022. The photo was taken 7 days after treatment.

“UV light is one of the biggest killers of bacteria that we face, and the challenge was ‘How do we spray something on the soil surface and the UV light not kill it.’” Hensley said. “With our Pene-Tek technology, we can go out and spray BioRite with a burndown or with a pre-emerge or post-emerge herbicide, and the Pene-Tek technology will help the bacteria penetrate the soil to protect it from the UV light. It gives farmers an option to get biologicals into their field, even if they don’t have an in-furrow system on their planter now.”

Hensley said BioRite has performed well with myriad soil types and conditions, which vary greatly from region to region. What has been common among the diverse applications is improved soil and plant health.

“We’re seeing less plant disease because of the application of these biological products, we’re seeing better soil tilth and better water-holding capacity,” Hensley added. “And all of this can lead to higher yields.”

BioRite effective on hay ground, grazing pastures

The weather is rapidly warming up in many parts of the country and now is the time to be thinking about managing hay and grazing pastures.

The quality of those fields will help determine the health of the livestock that consume what’s grown. All too often, though, farmers and ranchers are faced with patchy, clumpy ground, full of broadleaf weeds.

Many use manure spreader chains to spread manure across those fields, but those grounds haven’t always taken advantage of the nutrients in the soil and in the manure.

Until now, that is.

Concept AgriTek District Sales Manager Reid Lane said BioRite has been effective in helping farmers and ranchers revive hay and grazing pastures, and now is the time to apply it.

“On grazing pastures, the best time to put this down is straight out of dormancy and with hay ground, straight out of dormancy and after the first cutting,” Lane said.

And healthier, more nutritious grasses is translating into an improved return on investment for Concept AgriTek customers.

“It’s been cool the past few weeks to get a visual of how this technology is working in places where manure is and where manure has been barred in,” Lane said. “Farmers are seeing big results and for farmers just using it for the first time, growth is a lot further along than it has been in years past without it.

“In some cases, we have people come back to us and say ‘We’re having grass come up in places where we’ve never had grass before,’ and having an extra stand of grass is huge because it may mean additional hay bales or additional grazing land,” Lane added. “That’s really neat to see.”

Once applied, consumers will begin to see rapid results, with more dense, thicker and darker green grass.

BioRite also can aid in decreasing soil crusting.

“We have cow farmers who will have two cows per acre or a cow per acre, and that hardpan is tough,” Lane said. “The roots will either max out or the seeds will not even germinate, period. That Pene-Tek really helps get past the hardpan and lets that biology go to work.

“Whether nutrients and micronutrients are just tied up in the soil, or are affected by the deadpan, BioRite is very effective at unlocking what those plants need to thrive,” Lane added. “Anytime we can free up something for the roots to take in, it’s a huge deal.”


How Concept AgriTek can help

To learn more about how BioRite with Pene-Tek technology can improve your soil and plant health, increase your yields and give you a greater return on your investment, visit, or reach out to Concept AgriTek at (888) 638-9984, or The members of our agronomy and sales team are experts in making precise, customized fertilizer recommendations for each grower, based on soil constitution.

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