Beating Salinity Challenges with Salt X

Concept AgriTek Agronomist, Bert Riggan, talks Salt X and its ability to quickly move salt out of the growing profile.

Bert says that mitigating the effects of salt is something the Concept AgriTek team struggled with in a lot of different regions which led them to formulate Salt X, powered by BioTek and PeneTek. After extensive research and in-field trials, the product Salt X was released.

“The product Salt X is powered by our proprietary soil penetrant called PeneTx and is a very easy product to use. Salt X can be applied in many different ways: It can go out with broadcast herbicide; it can go out banded over the top of a row; it can go out with your irrigation water, whether that’s a pivot or a flood,” Riggan says of the application flexibility Salt X provides growers. “Salt X uses the power of PeneTek technology and [other proprietary ingredients in the formulation], to stutter the salt or change its osmosis, so it doesn’t grab ahold of soil particles and want to hang around in the root zone.”

Riggan says that by allowing the salt to simply sit in the soil profile, without “grabbing ahold” of anything, the PeneTek technology is able to effectively move or express the salt from the growing profile very quickly.

“The PeneTek technology allows this product to be put out and within a very short time, you’ll be able to go back and check to see exactly how much salt was removed from the soil profile. It works very well in a lot of different regions,” he says. “We’ve used this product to help mitigate saltwater intrusion along the coastal areas. We’ve used this product to temper the irrigation water because the wells are starting to salt out, and we’ve used this product in the desert south southwest, where effectively all of the sand there used to be the bottom of an ocean,” he says. “It’s a very utilitarian product. It’s very easy to use, and again, it allows you the opportunity to keep your land productive and avoid or stave off salt accumulation problems.”

To learn more about Salt X or visit with a Concept AgriTek agronomist about how the technology can make a difference on your operation, give our team a call at 1-888-638-9984.

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