A WasteMaster Success: Managing Hog Manure  

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle Kramer, a dedicated hog farmer from northwest Ohio, about his experience using WasteMaster. Kyle’s farm, which operates a farrow-to-finish system with around 4,800 hogs across two barns, had been facing significant challenges with manure management, particularly high ammonia levels and crust buildup in the manure pits. 

Kyle shared that he started using WasteMaster about a month and a half ago, thanks to his nephew Matthew’s recommendation. The results have been nothing short of transformative. “Ammonia levels in the barns have really gone down and stayed down,” Kyle noted. “With other products, the effect would only last a couple of weeks before the ammonia came back, but WasteMaster has kept it under control for over a month now”. 

In addition to reducing ammonia levels, WasteMaster has also prevented crust formation in the pits, which has been a game-changer for Kyle.  

“Usually, we’d have maggots covering the walls when we emptied a group and power washed the barns. But this time, we hardly had any maggots at all, not even a single one in most barns”.  

WasteMaster has made the cleaning process much more manageable and less unpleasant. 

Kyle is also optimistic about the potential benefits of WasteMaster for his crops. He plans to test the manure’s nutrient content before applying it to his row crops, hoping that the product will help utilize more of the nutrients effectively. “We haven’t tested it yet, but we’re hoping it will be as beneficial as the previous product we used” . 

One of the aspects Kyle appreciates most about WasteMaster is its ease of use. The product comes in powder form, which can be directly added to the pits, making it much simpler to handle compared to liquid alternatives. “It’s a lot easier to put in, being that it just comes in a little envelope and you just put so many ounces in” . 

Kyle’s experience with WasteMaster has been overwhelmingly positive, and he has no issues with sharing his story. “It’s really knocked ammonia down and is staying down,” he reiterated . His innovative approach to manure management not only improves the working conditions in his hog barns but also promises to enhance the nutrient value of the manure for his crops. 

Kyle’s testimonial highlights the potential of products like WasteMaster to address common challenges in livestock farming while promoting sustainable practices. His story is a testament to the effectiveness of Concept AgriTek’s innovative solutions in revolutionizing manure management and improving overall farm operations. 

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