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We're Concept AgriTek

We are a leading source of innovative fertility concepts in agriculture. Concept AgriTek is revolutionizing farming by bringing new technology to commercial agriculture fertilizers.

We’ve created a systematic approach to improving soil and plant nutrition year-round, and pride ourselves on providing agronomy, biology, and chemistry solutions for our customers’ personalized fertility programming needs.

Seed Treatment

Start your planting season off right with our line of biological products.


Our planter-applied fertilizers are designed to meet the needs of your farming operation.


Foliar fertilizers keep your crops healthy and well-nourished throughout the growing season.

Full Season

Addressing soil deficiencies after harvest prepares your soil for the next season.

Find the right products for your commodity.

Increasing the health of soil and plants increases our customers’ bottom line.

Our Approach.

Understanding your soil and plant health is key to a successful crop. Concept AgriTek combines leading technologies in agronomy, biology and chemistry to find the perfect solution for crop protection. These solutions are tested and proven to perform, and we publish the results. We go to market with data and experience.

We bring the secret ingredients for your crop’s success.

Our Mission.

To deliver innovative crop protection concepts using the latest technologies in agronomy, biology, and chemistry, to enhance soil and plant health.

Our Goal.

Our goal is to improve the science behind crop production, deliver solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner and, ultimately, improve profit on the Farm.

Video Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our satisfied customers.

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We’re experts in making precise, customized recommendations for each grower, based on the constitution of your soil. This is why getting your soil tested is so important, and the first step you need to take to design the perfect solution for your soil.

Use this form to contact us, or if you’d prefer, call us at 888-638-9984.

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