Tommy Childers joins Concept AgriTek as Florida Sales Manager

CHARLESTON, Missouri — Agriculture consulting and sales veteran Tommy Childers has joined Concept AgriTek as the District Sales Manager for Florida and the extreme Southeast.

Childers, a Florida native, is a fifth-generation farmer, whose family raised produce on farms from Charleston, South Carolina, to Homestead, Florida.

Childers brings 30 years of agriculture experience to the role, most recently serving as an independent agriculture consultant. He is passionate about the future of biologicals and excited about the growth trajectory of Concept AgriTek as a leader in the biologicals space.

“There are plenty of companies out there selling biological products, but they don’t have the chemistry behind them,” Childers said. “I’m excited to help growers achieve improved soil and plant health with biological products that have sound agronomy and biological chemistry behind them. The results this company’s products have achieved speak for themselves and I look forward to bringing those results to more farms in my region.”

Childers lives in the Fort Myers, Florida, area with his wife, Erica, daughter Madeylnn, 19, and sons Brycen, 15, and Carcen, 12. In the family’s spare time, they’re actively involved in hunting, soccer and baseball.

Childers said family—his and those of the customers he serves—is a driving force behind his work in agriculture.

“It always comes back to kids and family,” Childers said. “Agriculture is a very wholesome, family oriented industry, and I want to help farm families. Sometimes farmers are criticized by people who say that farmers are just ‘raking in all the benefits,’ well the next year it could be all gone. If I can do anything to help educate growers on a cheaper, more effective and more sustainable way to grow, then I’ll be doing my part for agriculture and for our next generation.”

Childers can be reached at

About Concept AgriTek:

Concept AgriTek is a leading source of innovative fertility concepts in agriculture. The company combines leading technology in agronomy, biology and chemistry to enhance soil and plant health. It offers biological crop protection products, seed treatment, planter-applied fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and full-season growing plans. With a broad range of products and a team of agronomists, Concept AgriTek can test a farm’s soil and provide a custom solution to improve yield and return on investment. To learn more, visit

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