Bio-Aid, powered by BioTek, is a fungicide that delivers an initial contact kill, and suppresses and controls phytophthora, pythium, and downy mildew.

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Bio Health

Bio Health is crafted to boost plant health and provide natural resistance to stresses caused by external pressures. Bio Health combines nutrition and a robust consortium of microbes into a product designed to boost plant health. The active biology in Bio Health actually colonizes the plant and works within it to boost its immune system. These naturally occurring microbes work in concert with the plant’s immune system to create a natural suit of armor to mitigate loss due to external pressures.

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Buncha Bugs® DF ST

Buncha Bugs® DF ST is a biological seed treatment containing a natural consortium of beneficial soil microbes that specialize in releasing bound phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients.
Our Buncha Bugs ST introduces a healthy colony of beneficial soil bacteria right on the seed. The microbes begin working as soon as they come in contact with the soil. This means more available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and essential micronutrients in the seedbed with added benefits from the microbes like increased soil tilth, better percolation, and water retention.

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Wastemaster, powered by BioTek technology, is a consortium of beneficial microbes chosen for their ability to digest animal manure. Proper digestion of manure reduces ammonia and methane release, reduces solids in lagoons and pits, and increases the fertilizer value of manure. Wastemaster can be used in poultry litter, lagoons and pits.

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Salt X

Salt X is a salt mitigation solution that deploys Concept AgriTek’s BioTek and PeneTek technologies revolutionizing the battle against salt intrusion. This application is designed to mitigate salt concentrations in a variety of agricultural environments.

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Soil Revive

Soil Revive helps bring abused soils back to life. Using BioTek and PeneTek technology, Soil Revive delivers beneficial microbes to increase soil health. PeneTek reduces compaction by breaking down the hardpan. This allows for increased nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, and decreased hardpan.

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Residue RX®

Residue RX®, powered by BioTek, is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic matter. Along with breaking down crop residue, this digester also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.

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Buncha Bugs® DF

Using our proprietary BioTek® technology, Concept AgriTek has been able to formulate a large consortium of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enzymes designed to enhance soil and plant health.

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Seed Guard Bio

Seed Guard Bio is a 4-in-1 product that gives you an inoculant, root stimulant, biology, and a microbial food source all in one. Our BioTek® technology also does something no other biological product has done; the microbial population on the seed actually increases after treatment, allowing you to treat your seed earlier.

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