Biological waste management powered by BioTek technology​.
Wastemaster, powered by BioTek technology, is a consortium of beneficial microbes chosen for their ability to digest animal manure. Proper digestion of manure reduces ammonia and methane release, reduces solids in lagoons and pits, and increases the fertilizer value of manure. Wastemaster can be used in poultry litter, lagoons and pits.
  • Shown to reduce ammonia by 60% in poultry litter
  • Reduces solids and the muck layer on the bottom of stage one lagoons
  • Studies show odors reduced by a factor of 50% or more in lagoons
  • Helps to reduce muck-outs and increase runs between total clean-outs

Application Rate:

Poultry House

  • 2 oz. mixed with a minimum of 3 gal. of water per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Application is recommended 3 days prior to bird placement


  • Apply 40 oz. per surface acre for initial treatment
  • Apply 20 oz. per surface acre every 60 days for maintenance


  • 16 oz. per 100,000 gal. capacity for initial treatment
  • Use 8 oz. every 60 days for maintenance treatment

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