NitroGuard is Concept AgriTek’s new nitrogen stabilizer powered by NitroTek Technology. NitroTek technology stabilizes nitrogen and potassium, by encapsulating them in carbon; which reduces volatilization, leaching, and tie-up in the soil. The carbon in NitroGuard also increases the uptake of nitrogen and potassium due to the plant’s demand.

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Carbon RX™

Carbon RX is Concept AgriTek’s new carbon-based soil, plant, and microbe booster. Carbon RX is made with highly refined humic acid, organic carbon, and amino acid made from US corn. It is designed to help improve nutrient absorption, soil, and plant health, and feed beneficial microbes.

The amino acid helps in the production of chlorophyll, which leads to quality photosynthesis. Carbon RX also contains additional elements of sulfur, magnesium, and calcium.

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Salt X

Salt X is a salt mitigation solution that deploys Concept AgriTek’s BioTek and PeneTek technologies revolutionizing the battle against salt intrusion. This application is designed to mitigate salt concentrations in a variety of agricultural environments.

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Soil Revive

Soil Revive helps bring abused soils back to life. Using BioTek and PeneTek technology, Soil Revive delivers beneficial microbes to increase soil health. PeneTek reduces compaction by breaking down the hardpan. This allows for increased nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, and decreased hardpan.

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Concept S-17

Concept S17 is specifically engineered to give the plants an excellent supply of sulfur, while increasing the efficiency of nitrogen uptake. Concept S17, powered by NitroTek, is a carbon-based nitrogen stabilizer. Use with UAN, side dress, or broadcast.

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Buncha Bugs® DF

Using our proprietary BioTek® technology, Concept AgriTek has been able to formulate a large consortium of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enzymes designed to enhance soil and plant health.

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Using Concept AgriTek’s TransMaxx technology, we have created CalBor, a foliar product that effectively delivers a blend of calcium and boron into the tissues of the plant with unrivaled efficiency.

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