Calbor (Live 2 Farm)

Using Concept AgriTek’s TransMaxx technology, we have created CalBor, a foliar product that effectively delivers a blend of calcium and boron into the tissues of the plant with unrivaled efficiency.

Mag Minus

Mag Minus is a magnesium mitigation solution that deploys BioTek and PeneTek technologies.


AminoGro harnesses the power of urea, potassium acetate, kelp extracts, sugar beet vinasse, and complex amino acids in a liquid formulation. AminoGro is extremely effective when applied directly to the soil or vegetation during early growth stages and fruit development and will benefit plant and soil health when applied at anytime during the growing season.


Kmend was developed to be a very compatible potassium product that will blend with most fertilizers. It is an excellent source of potassium and sulfur to correct or prevent nutrient deficiencies. It is not recommended foliar applications.


Total Phos® is a unique application that makes nutrients more available for plant uptake by breaking down organic material for easier absorption through cell walls.

Humic 12

Humic 12 is a humic carbon source for plants.

Humic 6

Humic 6 is a humic carbon source for plants. Humic acid derived from some of the best leonardite sources available in a 6% concentration.

Concept Z9

Concept Z9 is an EDTA chelated 9% zinc product. Zinc is critical to early development and season long plant health.

Micro Pak

Micro Pak is a specific blend of micronutrients that targets early plant vigor, nutrition, and health; formulated to be applied with pre-plant and at-planting applications.

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