The ONLY Biological Designed for Rice!
BioRice has a consortium of microbes that are not only able to withstand, but actually flourish, in flooded, non-oxygenated conditions. This allows the nutrients that become bound under a flood to release.
  • The Pene-Tek soil penetrant carries the microbes into the soil profile so they are not affected by ultraviolet light.
  • Can be broadcast with burndown or early herbicide application
  • Helps next year’s crop by having healthier soil after the flood
BioRice is one of the first purpose built biological products for the Rice market. BioRice has been proven to increase soil health, increase tillering, increase nutrient uptake and provide a better start for next season’s rotational crop.


Broadcast: 32 fl. oz per acre
Over the past two seasons, growers across the Mid-South have seen, on average, a 5-7 bushel per acre increase where BioRice was applied over non-treated areas. Below is the most recent on-farm test conducted with BioRice in Southeast Arkansas. In that test, the BioRice treated field yielded an average of 242 bushels per acre; the untreated field yielded 228 bushels per acre. The BioRice difference is clear.

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Our BioRice Flyer shows a soil health analysis of a BioRice treated section of field and an untreated section of field. Despite being under a flood for nearly 6 months, BioRice treated fields continue to show an increase in soil test and soil health values. The soil test shows increases of Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium and Iron in the BioRice treated section of the field compared to the untreated section of the field.
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