Forti Mn

Forti Mn provides the micronutrient manganese (Mn). Manganese is essential in plant growth – affecting carbohydrate and nitrogen assimilation, chlorophyll production, and crop maturity.

Foliar RX

Foliar RX® product just got better! Foliar RX has always helped with stress, but with StressTek technology added, it performs next level. Foliar RX is a specific blend of fulvic acid, micronutrients, enzymes, and other plant and biological stimulants that assist in overall plant health.

Sweet Success

Sweet Success is an excellent, clean energy source that aids in keeping plants healthy and vibrant. Improves metabolization of herbicides and produces a boost in energy for the plant. A blend of natural sugars to boost a plant’s energy and brix levels. Higher brix equates to healthier plants and sweeter fruit.

Sweet Fulvic®

Sweet Fulvic® is the newest addition to our TransMaxx® family. Sweet Fulvic is a 50/50 blend of Fulvic Force® and Sweet Success® with the systemic power of our TransMaxx technology, making Sweet Fulvic a workhorse product for plant health and supplemental energy source. Sweet Fulvic is designed to boost a plant’s Brix levels to aid in health, as well as provide a variety of carbon sources for growth and development. This is both a penetrating surfactant and a drift control agent.

Fulvic Force

Increases absorption and mobilization of herbicides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers. Fulvic particles also provide an unique health benefit to applied crops. Fulvic Force® uses TransMaxx® technology to systematically move the nutrients through the plant.

Trans Zn®

Trans Zn® is a unique systemic fertilizer that helps zinc to be absorbed more quickly and translocate throughout the entire plant. Zinc has limited mobility in plants and Trans Zn helps resolve that issue.

Nutri Tek

Nutri Tek uses TransMaxx® technology to systematically move the nutrients through the plant. The product delivers seven micronutrients in a foliar application designed to boost early seedling development and provide essential nutrition ahead of reproductive pull.

Trans BMo®

Trans BMo® is specifically formulated to deliver boron and molybdenum systemically through our TransMaxx® Technology.

Foliar 20/20

Foliar 20/20® uses TransMaxx® technology to drive phosphorus and potassium into the plant.


Using Concept AgriTek’s TransMaxx technology, we have created CalBor, a foliar product that effectively delivers a blend of calcium and boron into the tissues of the plant with unrivaled efficiency.

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