Calbor (Live 2 Farm)

Using Concept AgriTek’s TransMaxx technology, we have created CalBor, a foliar product that effectively delivers a blend of calcium and boron into the tissues of the plant with unrivaled efficiency.

Chris Weaver, 6th Gen Grower

Purple Passion: Chris Weaver’s Journey to Better Soil Health – and Yields

Chris Weaver, a sixth-generation farmer from Finksburg, Maryland, is widely recognized as a respected and award-winning grower. Weaver has been at the forefront of pushing agricultural boundaries and implementing innovative practices to maximize yields and enhance soil health. In this interview, Weaver shares his long-standing relationship with Concept AgriTek and highlights the transformative impact of Foliar K, fondly referred to as “Purple Passion.”

Total 10

We use slow release nitrogen and potassium acetate to make a top of the line 10-0-10 foliar fertilizer; combined with our Stress-Tek to help mitigate environmental stresses.

Foliar K®

We’ve made a great product even better. Now, Foliar K® has StressTek® Technology added to help mitigate stress during the growing season.

Peg RX

Peg RX is a new consortium of microbes and plant extracts that work to increase plant health and encourage more focus on flowering/fruiting than vegetative growth.

Concept N25B

Concept-N25B is a slow release nitrogen, with boron, specifically formulated to foliar feed plants for weeks. Stress-Tek technology has been added to increase stress tolerance of the plant.

Forti Green

Forti Green is designed to provide supplemental Iron to crops in need. Forti Green is HEDTA chelated to make mixing and plant uptake easier and more efficient.

Concept B10®

Concept B10® is a 10% boron. Concept AgriTek exclusive StressTek® technology is added to reduce plant stress. Boron is a highly overlooked micronutrient that is needed by all plants.


NutriHance is a nutrient enhancer designed to gently bond to nutrients; increasing their availability to plants and decreasing their potential to leach or tie up from the root zone.

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