In addition to the ABCs of Agriculture, we focus on the why’s. Daniel Hensley explains our focus on the why’s in this video.
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How do we help solve farmers’ problems? Bert Riggan explains our approach on problem solving and how we help our farmers.
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Do you look at your corn’s dent? Agronomist Daniel Hensley talks us through what you should look for when checking your corn prior to harvest.
As you start your head scab applications on wheat, Derek Cattoor talks you through Concept AgriTek products that will increase the effect of your fungicide and deliver the micronutrients you need.
Bert Riggan talks about stress events and how our Stress-Tek technology and foliar products ensure your plants remain healthy through that stress.
Concept AgriTek’s Bert Riggan discusses your corn plant’s secret hunger and how to ensure your plants’ health during cool, wet and cloudy spring days.
We focus on the ABC’s of agriculture: Agronomy, Biology and Chemistry. Because of that focus, we’re able to introduce new products to our farmers. Daniel Hensley explains our new product NutraHance and its effect on a test plots of soybeans.
Innovative technologies. Products that improve your soil and increase your yields. Growing returns on your investment. Those three principles are important us and why we test products on our research plot first. Daniel Hensley discusses what to expect going forward.
As your rice emerges, it’s vitally important to ensure your rice gets the micronutrients it needs before the flood. Concept AgriTek’s Bert Riggan talks us through the products you need for your rice.
When your corn is up, what will you do to maximize yields when commodity prices are down? Schedule your consultation today.